Our services are primarily directed toward companies for which we are an everyday partner in the management of business decisions. We often contract our services with a flat rate agreement to be paid monthly or quarterly. In this way, the business or company can budget its legal costs in advance and with certainty. The current legislation does not permit lawyers to publish the names of their clients even with their consent.

In general terms our major clients include:

  • an Italian multinational and large-scale distributor in the food industry
  • a well-known German company in the distribution of products for construction and DIY (do it yourself)
  • a major South Tyrolean door and window manufacturer
  • a leading Austrian multinational in the field of heavy transport
  • a group of German companies operating in the international trade of gold and precious metals
  • a group of Italian companies marketing systems for safety and prevention in the workplace
  • various Italian and EU companies in the field of construction, excavation and supply of materials and products for construction.
  • Italian companies operating in the renewable energy sector
  • various Italian and foreign professionals who contact us for advice on specific matters, for example on customs law and law of German-speaking countries
  • this without neglecting the many entrepreneurs and individuals who contact us for advice on safeguarding of assets, inheritance issues, and management of their company's succession planning.
  • an European bank
  • an international consultancy company based in Holland
  • an Austrian bevrage-production company