International professionalism and experience

Our mission is to solve the problems our clients constantly face in their business and professional activities, bypass the obstacles inherent in the notoriously intricate Italian legal system, properly weighing costs and benefits, always and exclusively in the interest of the client and above any personal interest.

This modus operandi, which in Anglo-Saxon countries is common practice, leads us to favour Alternative Dispute Resolution procedures instead of litigation (which sometimes is actually necessary). ADR is in fact and in our opinion, a very useful tool for the management of disputes, saving time and money for our client companies.

Nowadays companies need not just a quick response, but an immediate response, something that ordinary court justice, by its very nature, is almost never able to offer.

In accordance with our professional beliefs, favouring extra-judicial conciliation with respect to judicial proceedings, we are certain to provide our clients with solutions that are

- cheaper

- quicker

- more reserved.

A careful and competent negotiation with the other party almost always leads to better and more effective results than going to court.