About us

Our firm, which was developed with a strong international configuration, stands as a professional, reliable and competent partner in assisting and advising Italian and foreign companies dealing with legal and operational issues linked both to the daily challenges of the business world, and to those tied to extraordinary decisions, such as business crisis, generational hand-overs, the opening of new branches or subsidiaries, or the challenges represented by internationalization.
Our team consists of young variously specialized professionals, trained in the international arena, some of which are absolutely bilingual.
All our work is carried out either in English, Italian or German. This feature, rare in Italy, on one hand allows us to develop our activities even beyond the national borders, and on the other hand allows to overcome language barriers, which means savings in time and costs for our clients.
With a bold choice, but consistent with the training of our professionals, we work exclusively in the field of consulting, contracts and legal assistance for businesses in the areas of commercial law, understood in the broadest sense, customs law, real estate law, tax law, and banking law, all in the international arena, with particular reference to German-speaking countries, and of course Italy.

We offer our clients a truly global service which, extending beyond the traditional activities of the law firm, is designed to accompany our corporate clients in the daily taking of business decisions not by being cold professional consultants, but partners to our corporate clients by offering them along with consulting, services such as:

  • legal advisory services for M&A operations
  • comprehensive assistance in the company start-up procedures, as well as in extraordinary business transactions
  • assessing the solvency of our clients' counterparties in Italy and Germany
  • evaluation and renegotiation of the terms applied by the banking system
  • domiciliation, for example in the case of a start-up and newco
  • administrative and accounting management
  • competent and professional assistance in the establishment of trusts
  • assistance in ADR (alternative dispute resolution) procedures
  • legal translations, including sworn translations
  • interpreting in German and English, even for notarial deeds.
  • evaluation of your company rating
  • risk management