Consulting - Our Business Areas

It is thanks to our clients and to our diligent efforts regarding professional development that, over the years, we have gained significant experience in the following areas :

Commercial Law

We present ourselves as your trusted advisors in the case of:

  • assistance in the establishment of new companies and start-ups both in Italy and abroad
  • leases, contributions, and transfers of business
  • assistance in the establishment of any kind of companies
  • disputes between shareholders or between shareholders and the company
  • agreements between shareholders (shareholders' agreements, transfer of shares, etc.).
  • business crisis management
  • company restructuring
  • recovery of trade receivables, even international, and assessment of the creditworthiness of the customer in question
  • legal opinions in the case of posting a loss of trade receivables in accordance with the Revenue Office circulars and sector regulations
  • contracts, with particular experience in procurement, logistics, and real estate contracts
  • mergers, spin-offs, company transformations
  • issues relating to negotiable instruments
  • transactions
  • IP and protection of intellectual property, trademarks, patents
  • management of litigation before all courts.

Customs Law

We are one of the few firms specialized in customs law and related administrative and tax implications. This is a delicate matter, where reliance on a competent consultant is indispensable. Among the peculiarities of Italian customs law remember that for entry of sums in the tax-rolls a directly and enforceable deed is not needed. The sums due by the taxpayer may therefore be entered in the register on the basis of simple notice of assessment or the customs bills.
In this context, we offer our expert advice to companies regarding:

  • import and export of goods to and from the European Union
  • customs warehouses
  • processing of goods under customs monitoring as a result of being duty-free
  • temporary admission of goods free of duty
  • temporary import or export of goods for active or passive improvement.

Real Estate Law

We can assist and advise you with expertise and impartiality in all disputes concerning real estate ownership.
With regard to construction companies, in particular, we provide our professional support during the entire real estate development process, from acquisition of the area, to agreements with public bodies, the award of contracts and subcontracts, in-kind exchange contracts, up through the sale of the properties. We specialize in the protection of the entrepreneur's real estate, offering our experience also in consultation on trusts and family trusts.

Tax Law

We combine the skills of expert lawyers and accountants who are knowledgeable in dealing with tax issues that every company has to face daily nowadays by offering:

  • legal assistance in criminal taxation procedures against company directors
  • tax advice
  • assistance in pre-litigation debt recovery procedures with the Revenue Office
  • tax litigation

Banking Law

The use of bank credit is a prerequisite of business. However, as we have all seen this has led to an often domineering attitude by banks. As a result, the relationship with lenders should be treated with diligence, including the use of knowledgeable and professional consultants. In this capacity, we aim to assist companies in the case of:

  • evaluation and renegotiation of the conditions applied by banks and leasing companies
  • funding procedures, obtaining credit lines, invoice discounting, mortgages, etc.
  • verification of any application by banks of extra-legal interest, compounding, or usury. In such cases, unfortunately more common than one might think, we arrange for the calculations on the basis of statements of account available and, generally, we start a mediation procedure with very limited costs.

Only in the case of failure to reach an agreement with the bank do we start legal proceedings aimed at the restitution of the ill-gotten gains by the bank, agreeing upon a fee with the client computed on the result obtained.

Rating Advisoring & Risk Management

We can evaluate and analyze the rating of your company and offer our consultancy in order you to obtain a better rating and better credit conditions.