Dr. Francesco Golinelli

Civil and international lawyer, interpreter.
Graduated with honours from the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia with a dissertation in commercial law.
He passed, with honours, the course in European community commercial law and financial markets established by the Jean Monnet Chair and funded by the European Union. He began his career in Germany in 2000 and was admitted to the Bar in Italy in 2003. He has collaborated with the Chair of Commercial Law of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia. As a speaker he has attended various conferences in Italian and German on commercial law and international banking. Prior to establishing his own law firm, he worked with leading law firms in Frankfurt and Vienna, and as a consultant on banking law with a well-known foreign bank and a private bank in Vienna. He earned the recognition of his academic qualifications in Germany with a German ministerial decision, and a level "A" certificate of Italian-German bilingualism issued by the Autonomous Province of Bolzano certifying his equal knowledge of Italian and German. He has been a member of the Italian German Lawyers Association established at the University of Munich since 2001. He is an interpreter and translator for the German language and was a consultant on Italian legal terminology and law for the University of Fribourg in Switzerland through a company established by the university. The areas in which he is active in the Italian and international sphere, with a strong orientation towards German-speaking countries include Commercial Law, Banking, Bankruptcy and Customs, sometimes even covering the office of trustee.

Languages spoken: Italian, German, English, Spanish.

Dr. Pietro Carlo Ferrario

Civil lawyer, mediator, Italian Ph.D.
Graduated in law from the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, he has been practicing law since 2002. In 2005 he was admitted to the Bar. He received a Ph.D. in Private and Commercial Law from the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia school of Law in 2010. He is a professor of road and transport law in the training and refresher courses for teachers and driving school instructors organized by A.C.I. (Italian Automobile Association) in coordination with the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport. He is also responsible for the case law reviews of A.C.I. Modena and the real estate law section of "Up!" magazine. He is a mediator, formerly an arbitrator of corporate disputes, registered at the Chamber of Commerce of Modena since 2009. He has gained significant experience in bankruptcy and real estate matters. He is particularly focused on civil and commercial contracts, medical liability and the various forms of liability related to road and transport matters.

Languages spoken: Italian and English.

Dr. Alessandro Alberini

Civil and international lawyer.
Graduated from the University of Trento with a degree in law, he has been practicing the profession as Italian lawyer since 2004.
He was also trained at the Catholic University of Portugal School of Law in Lisbon.
He also did a one-semester legal traineeship at a leading law firm in Lisbon. He has developed particular expertise in civil law matters, road accidents, international law and copyright law.
He specializes in commercial law, copyright and protection of trademarks and patents at an international level.

Languages spoken: Italian, English, Portuguese and Spanish.


Dr. Regina Wedenig

Dr. Regina Wedenig Austrian legal advisor. After her studies of foreign languages and literature at the University of Verona, she worked at an Austrian bank in the area of leasing agreements. Then she specialized in international debt collection at a legal protection insurance.
She graduated at the Law University in Rome with a degree dissertation entitled "The Freedom in Internet". For several years she worked for a University Publishing House which is also an Educational Establishment recognized by the Italian-German speaking Province of Bolzano, where she was responsible for publishing agreements and accounting of the projects financed by the European Social Fund. She works in our law firm since 2015. The areas in which she is active with a strong orientation towards German-speaking countries include Contract Law, Internet Law, Banking Law and international debt collection.

Languages spoken: German and Italian (bilingual), English.

Dr. Anna Pattaro

Law degree with a specialization in transnational right at the University in Trento. After her graduation she worked at DAS "lawyer plea agency", where she was engaged in the field of damage adjustment as well as the control of insurance policies.
She worked as a financial advisor assistent at the Allianz Bank where she was able to improve her financial knowledge.
Today she is teaching Law and Economy in Verona and also work at our Verona office.

Languages spoken: Italian, English and German

On. Dr. Tancredi Turco

Criminal Lawyer.
Graduated from the University of Trento with a degree in law, he has been a practicing lawyer since 2004 and is a consultant for our firm on criminal law matters.
His practice focuses on environmental crimes, crimes against property, press offenses, and corporate crime.

Languages spoken: Italian, English and French.

Dr. Roberto Mosca

Certified Public Accountant and Auditor since 1994, specialized in corporate evaluation and organizational consulting for national and international companies, operating in various sectors in both SMEs and bigger companies.
Since 2015, he is a technical adviser in “corporate evaluation” for the Court of Milan.
He is also a professor in numerous courses and conferences.
He gained significant technical experience in the legal framework at UNI (Italian Organization for standardization, in management system standards and value chains) and he was UNI’s Italian representative, at ISO, in technical committees.

He is currently a member of:

• “Finance and Management Control Commission” at the Order of Chartered Accountants and Auditors of Milan

• “Commission for Internationalization of Enterprises” at ODEC in Milan

• Italian – German business Association DExperti, as a partner

• Scientific Committee for “Project Industry 4.0”

Languages spoken: : Italian and English.

Dr. Camilla Pontarolo

She graduated in Law from the University of Trieste with a degree dissertation in Comparative Law entitled “The Constitutional Challenge in U.S.A. and declaratory action in the italian constitutional system”.Following her graduation she moved to Toronto to continue her studies. She started her career in a law firm in Trieste, where she gained experience in Family and Child Law.
She joined our law firm in september 2017 and she is currently working at our Verona office.

Languages spoken: : Italian and English.